Security Policy

Tibrix ensures the safety of its users data, the security is the topmost preference.The platform follows multi layered security policies and guidelines to deal with the cyber threats in a proactive manner. In digital currency space security is an unceasing effort that is carried forward with time. Though we cannot disclose our defense techniques but we are happy to announce our policies & guidelines-

  • All user data is encrypted with end to end encryption techniques.
  • Every request is processed through a secured & verified software.
  • We provide a strong password of 40 character with unique combination of numbers and alphabets
  • We work on two factor authentication system it does not use any third party servers.
  • We support universal factor authentication and compatible devices to protect your wallet.
  • Any unusual account activity will lockdown your account and close all active sessions
  • Two factor authentication is needed for trading.
  • Every time a user logs in or fails in doing so is timestamped.
  • Failed login attempts will lockdown the account with a ban on it for a stipulated time period.

  • API accounts are highly secured with stern encryption techniques , they are never return to a client under any circumstances.
  • We strongly recommend you to enable API features and discourage withdrawals via API.
  • API keys can never be found in an unencrypted manner, we restrict the display or storage of keys in unencrypted format.
  • Your browser cannot make request to the API directly from your computer, every request is done across SSL.
  • All data transmission from to or from our side is end to end encrypted.
  • It is user's responsibility to keep their account and wallet secure.

  • We use multi layered structure to ensure server's coherence.
  • All your funds are exchanged in store wallets, Tibrix never handles them directly.
  • Our team has an experience of 30 years in web security, and it is already hosted on google's datacentre.
  • Its all services are accessible to key team members only otherwise it is firewall protected.
  • Routine system audits are done and updations are done for security purposes.
  • Security screening is employed across all networks.
  • Distributed denial of service protection is employed.
  • All requests are filtered and checked on front and back end sessions.

  • All employee accounts are restricted to their specific knowledge.
  • They are suggested to use hardware authentication devices.
  • A strong VPN should be used to access internals.
  • Hardware authentication is required in all cases including third party accounts and 2FA.
  • Sensitive information should never be transmitted through irregular channels.
  • Password rotation and regular account auditing should be followed.

For more queries concerning security you can write us on.... , we will be glad to hear from you.

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