Tibrix Privacy Policy

Everybody remains concerned about privacy policy when they share any information about them with any of the company. Hence, we put safety to be our first priority to make people stress free related to their shared information. The privacy policy answers all of your questions related to the personal information you share with us. It will guide why we need it, what we will do with it and most importantly how we will keep it confidential.

When someone applies for the advisory services we provide or request for the opening or maintaining of the personal account, we require the following information from you:

The information can be collected through online or offline methods or through filling some application forms. The information will include your name, your DOB (Date of Birth), your investment experience, tolerance of risk, information related to your goals and achievement regarding the investments and so on. Also, your account information related to the account balance, account history and your trading activity will be shared with us, if applicable.

We use or disclose your personal information that we have already discussed with you. We will disclose your information only after getting consent from you for any materially distinct purpose. Consent may be taken by any legal method. For instance, consent may be taken depending on the jurisdiction laws and Generally, we disclose the information for sake of our clients’ requirements and our business objectives that include:

  • To maintain each and every operation and maintenance of account & services
  • To maintain our services and websites
  • To understand the need, want and demands of our clients
  • To collect the amount that is outstanding from your side
  • To aware you about the products and services that we offer
  • To learn about the markets and design regarding our products and services
  • For the improvement of the products and services, we provide
  • For the investigation of any malicious activity
  • For the protection of our property and rights
  • To educate you about our or others’ products and services
  • To connect with you through e-mail
  • To respond to your queries, inquiries or comments and to keep your interests
  • For the administration and process of job application or information
  • To comply with our regulatory & legal obligations warrants, subpoenas and co

We have agencies in the USA and other countries, where we store the personal information. Your personal information may be sent to the other countries especially to the USA. These countries may have distinct laws and privacy standard from the country, you are living in. Hence, your personal information will be subject to the laws applicable to each jurisdiction and differ from the protection laws in your country of residence. This is because the third party countries are present in the US and other countries. For instance: the US and other government countries may have some legislative rights to access to your personal information.

If you do have any doubt about relating to the rights and jurisdiction policy or accessibility of your information by the government of the countries where the third party is working, you can connect to our

We protect your personal data through physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. We provide a username and password to keep your data secure. And we assure to keep your information confidential from the intruder’s malicious activity or any hacking in the database of our website.

For making it secure, we use the secure network technology such as firewalls. We enable our servers with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) during a secure session to protect data from unauthorized parties. Your information can be accessed by a third party and our employees ‘need to know’ basis. We believe in ethical practices and perform internal audits to ensure that there is no leakage of personal information.

Our website doesn’t target children below the age 13. In case, we find that any of the children below 13 has given his personal information on our website, we take immediately to delete it. If you think we have collected a child’s information, please connect with us immediately.information.

Cookies refer to the small amount of data that can be sent by any website to your web browser and get stored on your computer. Most websites ask you to store the cookie on your computer to give you the better website experience. You can set your web browser to notify you on arrival of any cookie to be stored on your computer; you can then denial such request in order not to share your personal information confidential. Our website cookies themselves don’t store any identifying personal data.

At TIBRIX, we may modify our policies from time to time as per the requirement and it will come into effect from the date of publication of amending the policy. You will be notified on our website if any such thing happens. The policy may involve the consideration in the changes of personal information; we have already collected from you. You are entitled to your consent if you find that you are not supposed to such personal information but then, you may refrain from our services or products, you have requested for.

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